Monday, 6 June 2011

juz nothing is nothing

never come into my mind
when first time we meet each other
something magical appear into my heart
its so scent n abroad when u are leaving...

your good faith open my eyes,
your stiff soul punished my dubious
blossom on my heart
chasted hope
make me poised with everything

the blind soul mke me fall
and believe wif ur false pretences
why i make this
u thought i was lying
whereas i was telling the truth...
where can i find the truth
in my heart
waiting for u
for another guy
never this happen
until the end
thankz for the memories
you will always in my heart....
loving u is my happiness
although it full of agony n have to lead a dog's life...

p/s : aq x tw la btol ke x grammar..
ni wat sndiri aw....
iklas 2k y tersyg...
bkn sng aq na wat poem dlm bi nh...
seriously this was first time....
specel for u...
x nk hargai pon x pe...
i know i'm nothing to u....
k tata



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