Thursday, 23 August 2012

a few days...

finally i reach home...a day before raya,its started with pharyngitis,then fever,headache,flu and more...i can only lay listless on living spaces and book seats in my arms. The joyous cousin in singapore this year sent them to their cats. unfortunately four dead cats bitten by wasps . Live in the village afternoon sitting in a sauna range, at night feel like staying in a mountain kinabalu. sleep on the couch feels more comfortable than sleeping on the mattress. longing feast this year I can not eat nasi dagang u know because i love my grandmothers made it .. I did not think of their relatives once small and cute, now grown up and more of me .. haha​​. my cousin who is now studying in Ma'arif also seems to have veiled specter of ... alhamdulillah....i did get enough energy now to write more n more ....just need rest for facing trial exam around the corner...why it must be around the corner...because the omputih love the corner...haha.try to see around us,there is alot of : corner lot,corn-jagung n many more...haha..
for those will facing exam next week i hope u maintain your health ,i u feel like want to fever,feel it now,not next week ok..because next week cannot2 like that....haha....salam ukhwah fillah..
aku menulis sambil tersengih sebab ntah apa2 yang aku tulis

p/s : thanks sapa yang datang beraya....tata



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