Monday, 18 March 2013

A true friend..-short story

This short story is write by my friend- ZUL....please be nice..
copy paste is FORBIDDEN!!

 Forget. How easy it is for someone to forget? Well it has been said that a person can only concentrate on something for a mere half an hour at best before his or her focus wavers. Even worse for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), they can’t sit still. They can’t even finish a sentence without averting their focus to other ……. See what I mean? I too am ADHD.
            But these are disorders. The “forget” I want to talk about is the ungratefulness of man. I am not much of a social person. My family and a few friends, that’s about it. That’s why we hang tight. In real, not the Facebook  kind of friends, the fewer the better. It’s because the bond is closer. Yet friends, family and humans in general come and go. Time is our enemy on that battlefield.
            I learned to mourn upon the left ones. Grieve in silence especially when it comes to friends or family members. I once lost a friend due to an incident. He was playing soccer. He played soccer for the school team. One of the best my school had ever seen. He was playing up front, a striker. He dribbled the ball wonderfully passing through the defender. How do I know? I was there. In the stands. He let it fly and the goalkeeper saved it. They got a corner. During the tugging and pulling trying to set up position a, a defender from the other team tripped due to his miss step and fell. Flailing his arms, trying to grab hold on something he accidentally poked my friend in the eye. He wailed and staggered but the corner was already taken. The ball went outside the box, a set up for a long range shot. The player let loose a thunderous kick headed straight to my friend and during the that three second the crowd turned from cheers to sheer shock. The ball hit my friend dead on his head. He fell backwards with the momentum and banged the goal post with the back of his head with a force so hard everybody on the pitch plus the coaches on the sidelines could hear the loud clang. My friend lay unconscious. I ran straight to him. Pushing the crowd away. In no time at all the ambulance brought him to the hospital. I followed them with concern in me as I watched him, not knowing if he’ll be alright or not. After 3 hours since we arrived there the doctor told me that he was in a coma and suffered severe head injury.
After 4 weeks my friend finally woke up all of a sudden after the doctor told us that there were no signs of recovery. He was dazed and confused. I was happy at first but then I remembered someone told me that when a person suddenly seems better after suffering a long sickness, that usually means god gave time for him to say goodbye. I would have like to believe that these things won’t happen but after consulting with the doctor, I found out that his nerve cells were crumbling. His navigation system in his body were failing him. He was dying. And at that current rate he only had a couple of hours. A day at most. Tears swelled up around my eyes. I held his hand and watched him smile and as he said not to worry I could only laugh with tears drenching my cheeks. I sat at his bedside. We talked, reminiscing our memories while his parents stood in disbelief of the fact that their son was going to leave them. I left at night to give room for his parents to be with him. And sure enough, the next day he was gone. I cried in silence, desperate not to show my sadness in front of my friend’s family.
At his funeral, my family and I went with my face as gloomy as the grey sky was that day. Everyone there showed respect and paid tribute. Then at the end of the day, me and my friends all sat down together, and said everything good and all the memories we shared. Then we went home knowing we lost a good friend.
So what I want to say is, please be good to your friends. And please respect the dead. Think about it.



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