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ni notes pasal chapter 1&2 Basic Theme of al-Quran..
masa aku tulis nota ni,aku belom belajar lagi taw..
khusus for all foundation student of IIUM PJ along the year.

The meaning and the distinctive features of al-quran. Al-Quran..
♥arabic word-qara'a(read,recite and rehearse) 
♥verbal nouns-reading or recitation Definition: 
 *miraculous words of Allah 
*sent down to last prophet;Muhammad S.A.W
 *through the angle Jibril(a.s) 
*in arabic language 
*n transmitted to us 
*in its precise wording and meaning(tawatur) 
*its recitation is considered as ibadah.

 Other name of al-Quran. 
▶ alfurqan(criterion)
 ▶ al-dhikr(reminder) 
▶al-tanzil(sent down) 

 Main purpose of al-Quran 

★ to be source of guidance for human beings in all aspects of life beginning from the prophet Muhammad's time until the last day. 

 Content of al-Quran (ASIA) 

~ aqidah ~ syari'ah ~ ibadah ~akhlak

 How to achieve guidance from al-Quran?? (3 actions) 
¤ to practise recitation or to recite it in tartil or tilawah correctly 
¤ to understand its message(tadabbur) 
¤ to practise the teachings(tatbiq) in daily life. 

 ♣♣GUIDANCE!♣♣ (al-hidayah)
 verb- guide,to direct and to show the way. 
Verbal noun- direction,a path,a way.

 LINGUISTICALLY.. hidayah refers to any method 
 *that ensures a person
 * to reach his destination 
 * through this destination 
 * against the syari'ah of Allah. 

 #The only way that ensures a person to)
 * achieve the pleasure and closeness to Allah(Mardhatullah wa al-Taqarrub 'ilayhi)
 * enjoy tranquillity(al-sakinah),satisfaction(al-redha),good feeling(tib al-nafs),attain the actual success(al-falah) and meaningful life(al-hayah al Tayyibah)
 * the only system that ebables human kind to function and to carry out the duties of khilafah and ibadah. Ayat about hidayah. -assajadah 32:34 -al-A'raf 7:43-kehidupan selepas mti -al-Qasas 28:56-kisah abu talib masa nk mninggal -Taha 20:50 

 1)Guidance of Natural Inspiration(Hidayah al-ilham al-fitri)

 ¤Primary-basic necessity or securing needs for himself n family.. such as food,cloth,shelter. - to motivated and directed by his wish and desire to fulfil the needs and requirements of his self-esteem.
 ¤ Secondary-requirement of his self-esteem... such as appreciation,recognition,acknowledgement n wealth. ~~reason it is not wrong from islamic view~~ #need of human nature #indication of level of a person's usefulness. #indication of his status in his eyes of Allah. 

 ¤Refer to human need to have good relationship with his creator. 

 《》 Why fulfilment of the needs of fitrah is a necessity?
 -becoz the urge of fitrah is one of form of guidance and direction(al-hidayah) provided by Allah for human being..-surah al-imran3:14. 2) Guidance of feelings and senses(hidayah al-hawas) 

《》why 2) is needed by humans? ¤HELP us control ourselves when we are responding to the urge and the pressure of human nature.
¤it plays the role as a manifestation,indication and sign of human needs. 

 3)Guidance of intellect(hidayah al-aql)
- ability of understanding a subject matter as a profesional and an expert.
 -or ability of understanding of subject matter as a layman based on personal experience,common sense and so on.

 《》why this hidayah is needed? 
- to control ourselves when we are responding to hidayah al-hawas.

 4)Guidance of Religion(hidayah al-Din)

 《》why 4) is the highest level of guidance? -because it is coming in the form of direct and spesific injunction and provision of al-Quran n al-sunnah. 
1. Business transaction the prohibition of riba-albaqarah 2.275 
2. Food comsumption-almaaidah 5:3
 3. Social relationship-annur 24:31. 

 《》 why this level is needed? 
-to control our wisdom n intellect in examining the status of our activities whether its right or wrong..


 Means- to have actual convinction(haqq al-yaqin) in the teachings of Allah and islam. Effect-a person will able to follow islam wholeheartedly and effectively.

 2)Islam(total submission) 
Means- total submission to Allah's will(sunan alkawn-law of nature),and it is contained in His revelation. Allah's revlation refers to His instructon and prohibition.

 Qada'- the fact that whatever happen and will happen had already been decided by Allah before He created this universe. 

 Qadar-the fact that whatever comes from Allah is in a very exact and precise measurement,it is neither excessive nor deficient. Regards to the relationship between islam and al-hidayah Surah al-imran 3:20 #if they submit themselves,so they have been on the right path. 

 3) al-ihsan Means- a higher level of Islam. 2 level of ihsan 
♥'adalah(justice)-level which we must attain at least in our submission to Allah's will,in order to avoid from being unjust to ourselves(zulm al-nafs).

 4) 'amal salih
 Means-an activity and deed which in general recognised aa ibadah that is resulted in receiving. It also lead Muslims toward the attainment of this position. 
 ♥ al-ihsan #surah alnahl 16:90 - verily Allah commands doing justice and doing good. 

 ●●Level of usefulness ●● 
 1) Permissible deeds 
2) Beneficial Deeds 
3) Fulfilment of the objective of the assigned duty
 4) Sincerity of intention 
5) The performance of ibadah al-khassah. 

 4) Inabah 
 Means- is an act of returning to the way of Allah repeatedly @process for a muslim in his effort to remain on the right path of Allah in order to achieve the pleasure of Him. 

《》what is al-israr? 
-return to the right path without delaying or keeping on doing something. 

 《》difference between inabah n taubah? 
- it is same but taubah refers to inner aspect that is the heart. While inabah refers to the outer or one's physical aspect. 

 << 3 stages of taubat >> 

# REALISATION of the seriousness of the committed sin.
 # FEELING OF REGRET on the sin done.
 # RESOLUTION(al-'azm al-akid) 6)



 -total and absolute distrust in Allah and His teachings as the only effective way of life is the most obvious deviating ways which takes a person far away from the right path of Allah. -al-nisa'- 4:136 

 ◆◆ al-zulm(injustice)◆◆
 -a person fails to give something or something or someone his due rights that he is supposed to be given. -surah assaff 61:7 and Allah does not show his guidance to the unjust people. 

-one who used to commit sin and dpinh mistake to the extent that is becomes a habit. 

 ◆◆israf( excessiveness)◆◆ 


 1) Experiencing satisfaction and excitement
 2) Experiencing calmness and serenity 3) Feeling of Hatred towards sinful acts .

next note continue chapter 3(knowledge)..akan menyusul.. x siap lagi..^^



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