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Notes BTQ chp 3(Knowledge)

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4 level of perception

 1. Al-wahm(lowest)- perceiving something wrongly without any basis or clarity.
 2. Al-shak- knowing something with the same level of doubtfulness. 
 3. Al-zan - knowing something with certainty but with a slight of doubtfulness.
 4. Al-yaqin - knowing something with absolute certainty without having any room of doubt. 


 ayt that mentioned DIRECTLY..

 1. Knowledge differentiates the knowledgeable and the unknowledgeable.
 2. Knowledgeable leads to Taqwa.(surah al-fatir-those who truly fear Allah among His servants are the knowledgeable people) Indirectly
 3. The first Quranic revelation is on acquisition of knowledge. (Surah al-'alaq-read!in the name of Allah who has created).
 ₩₩ The word 'reading' comprises of two meanings.
-it is a process of studying the revealed signs of Allah.
-it is a process of scientifically observing created signs of Allah. 

 2 kinds of created sign of Allah. 
-the natural physical phenomenon of the universe. 
-the human phenomenon.
 4. Knowledge is one the great attributes of Allah (You are verily the all knowing and the all wise being)
 5. Knowledge is a prominent distinction between Adam(a.s) and angels.
 6. Knowledge is a blessing and honour from Allah to man. (Surah arrhman-ayt 1-3)
 7. The witness of knowledgeable person is equal to the witness of Allah and His angels.(surah al-imran 3:18)
 8. Knowledge is a prerequisite for any forms of responsibilities.


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 ♣♣ Al-'Ilm al-Mutlaq al-Muhit(Absolute Perfect Knowledge)
♣♣ -Exclusively belongs to ALLAH

 ●●Methods of explaining Al-'Ilm●●

 ▶By means of comprehensive expression-everything is covered by the knowledge of Allah and nothing is excluded from the scope of His knowledge. 
Cth ayat-
 1. Al-baqarah -and He has perfect knowledge.'araf-and our Lord whose His knowledge takes in all things.
3. Al-talaq-and verily Allah has surrounded all things in His knowledge.

 ▶By Asserting of His knowledge into every Minor Detail
 ▶ By highlighting special areas f knowledge

 ¤¤The Objective of emphasis on Al-'Ilm al-Mutlaq al-Muhit¤¤

 ¡¡¡¡¡MAIN OBJECTIVE¡¡¡¡¡¡ ~
~;to inculcate haqq al-yaqin in the heart of muslim about the nature of Allah's All-Embracing Knowledge.

 Other objective.. ^_^
 1)Attainment of muraqabatillah.-whatever we do,it is to avoid His anger n to gain His Pleasure. 
2) Having the Real sense of hereafter. 
Ade 2 sense tw.. #sense of Allah #sense of hereafter 
3)Unshakeable Convinction in Allah as the only Supreme Legislator.

 ¿¿¿ Reason people who are lack of interest n have the reluctance in execuding their jobs¿¿¿

 #they dont have the understanding of its effectiveness and usefulness. #it is in contradiction to their inclination and belief. 

 ♣♣ Al-'Ilm al-Mahdud(Limited Knowledge)♣♣
○Means○▶ nature of knowledge which is belongs to all creation of Allah.


1)Al-'Ilm al-Iktisabi(Acquired knowledge) 
-knowledge  which are discovered and developed through a process of doing research and conducting studies.

★★2 brances of 1) ★★

Al-'Ilm al-Mahmud(Praiseworthy knowledge) 
→the knowledge withput which he will not be able to perform his duty as a khalifah.

 ♣♣♣Al-'Ilm al-Fard al-'Ayni(Individual Obligatory Knowledge) 
→refer to the basic level of any disipline of knwledge especially revelation based such as aqidah,akhlaq dll...

♣♣♣Al-'Ilm al-Fard al-Kifa'i 
→refers to any field of knowledge at its advanced level that is the level which qualifies a person to be recognised as an authority,scholar dll.

 ♣Madhmum Lidhatihi(Blameworthy in its essence) 
→any dicipline of knowledge which has usually a negative influence due to its evil nature.

 ♣Madhum Lighayrihi(Blameworthy for its external elements) 
→refers to any dicipline of knowledge which is orginally useful and important one.but it being blameworthy knowledge after being contaminated by certain elements.

 ◀◀Elements that change the status of useful knowledge into the harmful one▶▶

 1→ Misperception towards the Origin of knowledge. #kisah Qarun.. Qarun comitted to following wrongdoings which showed his ingratitude towards Allah as mentioned in ayat..
 1# injustices and oppresion toward his people. 2
# Led hedonistic way of life 3# Craze for the wordly life and material things and shunned the life in the hereafter. 4# Unconcerned with the plight and suffering of others. 5# Involved in activities which were resulting harm to others
 2→ Displacement of Goals

 2) Al-'Ilm al-Wahabi(Gifted Knowledge) 
-refers to certain facts and so on without having to undergo a process of doing research and conducting studies..

 Gifted knowledge consisting of 2 branches
. 1)Al-'Ilm al-Shar'i al-Diniyy(Sacred Knowledge) -refers to the absolute true information,facts and teachings which cannot be known by human being except by revelation from Allah to His prophets and messengers. Eg-al-Quran and al-Sunnah

 2)Al-'Ilm al-Jibili(Native Knowledge) -refers to the knowledge which is implanted by Allah in the nature of every creation of Him including human being where it is necessary to fulfil his basic natural needs. Eg-retrievable spontaneously n naturally.


 consists of 2 types:

 ♣♣al-Wahy al-Matlu'(al-Quran al-karim)
 ▶▶Why al-Quran is the fundamental source of knowledge where others are only complementary sources◀◀

 1→All the contents in the Quran is completely from Allah,without containing any humanly inputs and contributions.
 2→Other sources of knowledgr derived their validities from al-Quran al-karim.
3→ Al-Quran contains everything in some cases,solutions and answers are directly retrieved from al-Quran while others are indirectly provided.

 ♣♣Al-Wahy al-Ghayr Matlu'(al-sunnah) -practical explanation of al-Quran wherr in order to know how to practise al-Quran.

 ★★observation-ada 2 dimention★★
 1▶Natural physical phenomenon of universe
2▶ Human Phenomenon

 ▶an idea or an inclination and feeling to do something which is known in al-Quran as al-wahy.
It has 2 level(◆◆)
◆◆Minor inspiration◆◆@intuition
→is an idea or inclination and feeling to do something that appears spontaneously and naturally without having to use power of reason or faculty of intellect.
 ◆◆Major Inspiration◆◆
→Refers to an idea given by Allah which comes into one's mind after having exercised a process a serious thinking.


 →The story of musa a.s and the guide
 →the story of musa and al-Khidr



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