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My Couchsurfing 1.0 – Host criteria

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Alhamdulillah, finally I’ve been given chance to use Couchsurfing while I’m travelling. Turkey is my first destination to try this app and alhamdulillah everything went fine.

Truthfully, at first, I am a bit scared to use it. First, because I am a girl and I did not know any martial arts. Second, it feels like I put myself in trouble. Yeah, imagine, I am offering myself to overnight at someone house that I am not even knowing who they are. I mean, the details of that person.

Anything can happen, right? Yourself know that this app is risky but… have u ever think, why this app is popular among traveller? This means that if you apply the correct techniques, inshallah you will be saved.

By the way, I am still amateur in Couchsurfing this I'm writing up to my experience, and as my experience get wider, I will update more tips and tricks from my point of view.

First of all, I want to about host’s criteria that I am looking forward before the request.

1.      1.0 FILTER

When you are searching, you will notice that you can filter the search. So, if you are particular person whereas you only want a trusted host. So, please use the filter. 
Below is what I usually set the filter.

1.1 Last login date – in 24 hours, 

this is because usually hosts that always log in is the host that most probably will accept surfer (mostly not haha). Maybe because they already install the apps on their phone, so it’s easier for them to update the request.

Not only that, from my view, this type of host is committed as a host because they will respond to surfer’s request even though they decline it.

The most important first things that surfer want from the host after send request is they want response regardless ‘accept’, reject or ‘maybe’. the only surfer will understand this feeling (being accepted or rejected). Hihi

1.2 Accommodations  - private room.

Actually, there a lot of case(silent case because it's not good to share publicly) especially among female solo traveller who unlucky, surfing at male host’s house, there was just two of them and there is only 1 room.

At worst case, the man offers to sleep together a.ka. maybe to doing intercourse (wow, ops). I think if the woman is open about that, then I wouldn’t be a problem.

The problem raised when the woman is vice versa, means she didn’t want it to sleep together even though nothing might happen if she knows how to protect herself (but at that moment, I don’t think she can protect herself even though she know martial arts because lust is king at that time(maybe) hahaha)

So girls out there!
To be safe, even though you find a host that will provide a private room, please read about their home because some of the hosts, they already write about it (they mentioned about only 1 room blabla), and when surfer request it, theoretically it means that the surfer accepts with the house condition. 
So, the host is not wrong if he asks to sleep together. Am I right? Did you get what I trying to say? Hahaha

1.3 Host info – Accepting guest

If you need to stay at many host’s houses because of many locations that you will stay. It’s the best if you set a host that accepting guest. Because there is less chance for a host that ‘maybe accepting guest’ will accept your request.

I think that’s all for the filter.

2.      2.0 REFERENCE

After you set the filter, the result came out. This is the most crucial part. You need to find the best host to host you. Even though the host has many references, it doesn’t mean that he is a good host.

On the other hand, even though the host doesn’t have any references or no reference at all, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not good. Why I said so? Because I've experienced it to surf at the host with no reference, I will story more in next post. 

My point is, you must not judge host based on reference ONLY. (sixth sense is needed here too if you has)

But reference can be one of the reasons for you to choose that host. Again, do you understand what I’m trying to say?

As for me, I am not only searching and depending on a host with soo many references because personally, I think that they might be overwhelmed with many types of surfer thus they might easily get annoyed with you (this is just my speculation, OMG, am I overthinking? haha ).

So, if there is lots of host with a lot of references, it is better for you to read their profile because usually they already mentioned about do and don’ts before the request to surf.

Moreover, some experience’s host, they didn’t like a surfer to take advantage on them such as only staying for one-night (not one night stand okay! lol)  a.k.a for few hours at their home just because want to save cost for accommodation.

As a surfer that always request for one night (ops), what do you expect all surfer will spend more than one night at every place? (Sorry this is just my inner thought). 

Ok fine, actually that's is host's request thus if you(surfer) did not meet their request, there is lots of another host, just find another one. Hehe.

Please, this is just for an example that I get from my reading, don’t take it seriously and please don’t be mad. I'm just writing what I feel about this.

Hmm, what else?

In the next post, I will share about my experience with all my host, How to be a good surfer (wait, am I really a good surfer to you(my host), please answer honestly), hehe, and what host supposedly to do with their surfer especially amateur host). Hehe. 
Please be wait. Nowadays, it's rare for me to get the mood to write something long like this in English.

I think that’s all for now. Will update more.

Please, never get bored to read my blog because of my readers, I keep writing to share and keep sharing. 😊

Thank you for reading! 



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