Cara flash Redmi Note 3 china ROM kepada global ROM.

By cikmira23 - August 10, 2016

السلام عليكم

ni china rom
   kanan ni global rom.  

Apa itu flash? Flash ni Bahasa it. Bukan bermaksud kilat or flash camera. No no. aku fahaminya dgn maksud it  iaitu flash-tukar. Mungkin utk lebih faham, boleh lah gugel maksud flash fon yer hihi.

so cara-cara dibawah ni aku ambil dari fb. Dan aku share kat sini. Semoga berguna. Oh ye, ia dlm Bahasa inggeris yer. Hihi

kredit to penang plus 

1. Download the attached ZIP archive and unpack it to an empty folder.
2. Boot the phone into FastBoot mode by holding both Volume Down and Power buttons until the bunny appears.
3. Connect the phone to the PC.
4. Double-click the "edl" (edl.cmd) file.
5. If the bunny disappears, your phone was rebooted and now should be in EDL mode (LED should flash red but not always).
6. Run MiFlash, wait 3-5 seconds and click "Refresh", COM port should appear in the list.

Follow the steps to reflash fastboot ROM, remember to download and extract

1. Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File Download,

2. Install MiFlash and follow the instructions.

I find it the hardest is to update and locate the Qualcomm USB Driver for QHSUSB_BULK
Entering EDL mode from fastboot mode - Redmi Note 3 - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum
Entering EDL mode from fastboot mode ,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum


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