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Assalamualaikum to all Muslim friends. and Hi to all non-Muslim friends

Many people asked me how to go Bursa from Istanbul. Here we go!

Basically, you can go to Bursa from Istanbul by Ferry or Bus.

So which one do you prefer? by bus or ferry?

If you ask me, definitely I would choose... FERRY !

Firstly, you must know where is the jetty location in Istanbul and Bursa is.

Istanbul: Eminonu jetty (BUDO company) and Yenikapi jetty (IDO company)
Bursa: Mudanya jetty

I didn't have much info about Yenikapi jetty so I will leave it to you to search it. 

But i think, eminonu jetty is preferable easiest to go than Yenikapi. 

For your info, there is a tram station in Eminonu. 

So, wherever you stay in Europe Istanbul, make sure you can reach tram to go to Eminonu. 

To be easy for you, make sure your hotel located near tram station (any station is fine).

Then, get in the tram to Eminonu. 

After you arrive at Eminonu station. You will see a lot of ferries. Find BUDO ferry. If you facing the sea, BUDO company is located on your right side.

Wait! You can check ferry schedule in advance here

If you plan to visit Bursa 1 day or day trip. It would be fine no worry. But make sure you booked the earliest departure. 

You can buy tickets online or walk-in. In my case, I buy walk-in. Make sure to bring your original passport too.

Last but not least, let's refer to this table. I think compare and contrast are the best way before you decide something. I would choose ferry! How about you?

Esenler Otogar (Istanbul Avrupa)
A bit far from the city center, need to take metro.
DISTANCE to bus station/ferry
Near the city center, reachable by tram-stop at Eminonu station)
45-50tl (depends on bus company)

 No comment
Stunning and exciting, no traffic congestion

So, I would like to share some my pics visiting Bursa on end of January 2018 along with a guide on where to go when arriving Mudanya jetty terminal.

Here the complete guide (with photos)

1. Took the tram to Eminonu station

When you arrive, you will see this traffic light. Cross the road then walk to the right. Why I told you to do so? Because there are many ferry company. If you want to go to Bursa, I would recommend BUDO ferry.

walk towards here. Remember to bring your passport.

If not too many people, it is free seating. yeayy

ferry schedule, or you can check it online too. 

Stunning view

By ferry, the journey only took 2 hour+ compared with the bus, it might take up to 4h due to traffic congestion. It is impossible to have traffic congestion on sea rite? 
Let's take a selfie first when arrived.

You can purchase Bursa kart at this machine. please buy the card for your convenience. A single journey costs 3tl and discounted ticket costs 1.50tl ( I didn't think foreigner/tourist will get this price).
 It is located outside the jetty terminal. Right after you exit the gate, you will see a public bus number 1/M that go to Emek metro station. 

example of Bursakart,it costs 6tl

You can confirm it by ask the driver, make sure there is word 'Emek metro istasyonu'. Clue for the answer is 'Evet-yes'

Bus schedule from Mudanya terminal

Bus schedule from Emek station

Source: here 

Your destination is the last station. please alert! 
Emek metro Istasyonu or when you see this. use google maps if unsure

Walk to enter the enter Emek metro station

waiting for the train

inside the train.

Where to stop? 

Alrite, so you started at Emek station, you can stop at Orhan Gazi station or any station do u like. 

There is also tram in Bursa. So yeayy!

Here is the route.

Source: You can find more details HERE 

I think that's all for now. Perhaps you want to know where to visit in Bursa, I will share it in next post. stay tuned!