Thursday, 31 December 2020


Assalamualaikum semua.





1. Service(s) offered:

i- Basic Malay course for total beginner

ii- Conversation practice for intermediate and advance.


2. List of price of service(s) offered:

i- Basic Malay – as low as USD8.50 for 60 minutes.

ii- Conversation practice- as low as USD7.80 for 60 minutes.

Discounts available if you book a package.  


3. Payment method – in online learning Platform only – Italki


4. How to sign up – I am using the online teaching platform; Italki. If you did not have an Italki account yet, use this link to get USD10 when you purchase first USD20 Italki credit.


5. Trial lesson

I also provide 30 minutes trial lesson. I will demonstrate my teaching style and show you the course outline and an overview of the learning process. p/s: just scan the QR code for fast action. 


If you are comfortable with my teaching style, you can check my calendar and book your class. You can directly go to my teacher profile here>>


6. Me as a teacher

As a community tutor, my goal is to help you to speak like a colloquial Malay. Because it will be easier for you to speak with Malaysians or local speakers.


For basic Malay, course, I prepare my owns teaching materials. It includes various topics such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Situation, Interesting Vocabulary, about Malaysia’s culture.


What I emphasize during my lessons are spoken Malay pronunciation and intonation, useful words & phrases, useful conversations in typical situations, and most interesting is understanding the Malaysian culture (especially Malay).





Amira, you can call me Miray (Mee-ray)


Colloquial Malay proficiency:

Native. I speak Malay ALL the time except during the formal events. 


Formal Malay proficiency

So-so in speaking and good in writing. I am a Malay blogger, so most of the time I will write in formal Malay.



I was born in Pahang and raised in Selangor. So, I speak KL or the standard Malay language. But, I also can understand the east cost (Pantai Timur) dialect.


Years and type of experience teaching Malay language

Honestly, I am still new to teaching Malay. I am focusing to teach foreigners as I also want to polish my English-speaking skills.


I just started to teach Malay on the Italki platform this December and currently have 1 student.


Highest qualifications for the Malay language

I got an A for the Malay language during Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Terima kasih!

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